JSPPP.  Because your time is too valuable to waste manually formatting JSPs.  
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JSPPP is Copyright (C) 2002 Christopher Evans.  cevans42ca at yahoo.ca

The following is a list of things that are required to be finished before
JSPPP can be considered "version 1.0".

Switch and case statements are not correctly handled.

If there is an end tag inside a string, it will not be correctly handled.

Some tags, like IMG, depend on there being no space before the next
element or before the end tag for proper formatting.  JSPPP will format
anchor tags preserving the presence or absence of whitespace around the end
tag.  However, some other tags may have unwanted formatting problems in
a browser, such as the IMG tag.

I have not yet checked how the software behaves under various Unixs, other than
my own RedHat machine.  I use Sun's Java SDK, version J2SDK1.4.1_01 for Linux.
If someone would like to let me know how things are working under their
favourite flavour, and better yet, fixes or workarounds, that would be much

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JSPPP is available under the GNU General Public License. JSPPP is ©2002-2007 Christopher Evans. Use the Contact Me link in the link bar to e-mail me.