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Amaze your friends! Foil your competitors! Improve your golf game! And when you're done with all of that, why not try out JSPPP? JSPPP is free as in speech and free as in beer. Share and enjoy, but please read the license. Downloading and using the software indicates your consent to use the software under the GNU General Public License. Although this software is free as in beer, for commercial and non-commercial use, it is not in the public domain.

The JSPPP project intends to provide a solution for automagically indenting JSP files in various styles. JSPPP is an acronym for JSP pretty-printer. See the Jargon file entry for pretty-printer, especially sense 2. This process is highly non-trivial because of the languages (Java/HTML/JavaScript) that can be freely mixed within a JSP.

Update: Aug 4, 2007
Significant performance improvements have been made, especially when handling XML files with the document all on one line. A file with one 4 MB line can now be processed and verified in 10-15 seconds with a substantially reduced memory overhead.

Although the code should be considered alpha quality, it does some things very well already. There are still a few things that aren't quite right, but it's good enough to format the pages on this site.

I use PHP includes, so each file is formatted separately. If you look at the source code of this page, you should be able to see where each include begins and ends based on the formatting. Did I mention that I use PHP includes? And the formatter still works? Perhaps those of you who use PHP more than I do can tell me what you think of how JSPPP handles some more complicated PHP files by clicking the Contact link in the link bar, above. And remember, JSPPP can't be what you want unless you tell me what you want. So use that Contact link!

If you don't have a Java build environment already, you'll need to download Sun's Java 1.4 J2SE SDK. I recommend that you install from source with Apache Ant. The source version of JSPPP comes packaged with a .project and .classpath file for the Eclipse IDE. I use Eclipse version 3.0 for the development of JSPPP.

A binary version is also available if you are unlucky enough to have no compiler and/or Ant not installed.

The latest version is available from the Download link in the link bar above.

The project pages contain the project summary and CVS information.

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JSPPP is available under the GNU General Public License. JSPPP is ©2002-2007 Christopher Evans. Use the Contact Me link in the link bar to e-mail me.